Magnetic Linked Copper Bracelet
Magnetic Linked Copper Bracelet
Magnetic Linked Copper Bracelet
Magnetic Linked Copper Bracelet

Magnetic Linked Copper Bracelet

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         The very first jewelry on the wrist was used as a talisman, protecting from evil spirits. Copper jewelry has been fashioned and worn by Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans since the beginning of time. And that is understandable considering the metal has a very unusual, peerless color. It resembles the glare of fire and the blazing heat of autumn foliage. Copper jewelry has a special magic - ancient, deep, mystical. At the same time, the copper bracelet is quite harmoniously combined with a wardrobe in casual style as well as with other jewelry pieces. Wear it alone or stack it together with other bangles for a glamorous look.

        Copper is a very unusual and truly unique metal. But is it true that copper bracelets are effective to relieve arthritis joint pain? Many wearers say yes. Furthermore, copper bracelets are known for increasing cardiovascular health, boosting the immune system and even anti-aging effects.

    Width: 12 mm
    Weight: 61.3 g
    Feature: magnetic therapy
    Thickness: 3 mm
    Length: 21 cm
    Style: unisex

    Metal Type: Copper

    Functional Elements: Neodymium Magnet

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